​180 Degrees by Bob Kuhn

​180 Degrees by Bob Kuhn (1920-2007), acrylic on board, 26 x 44​ I was blasting through the auction sites and saw this Kuhn. I have seen it several times and was about to pass over it when I realized it would be a good blog item. Steve, as most know here, has been obsessed by …

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A deep dive into doo-doo.

When I saw this it was with mixed emotions. Amusement and gross out in equal measure. I didn’t look at the article because the picture was enough. You do have to admire the reverence they gave it with its own little display stand.

 Comments on  nature-deficit disorder, etc

THIS IS NO WAY TO BE HUMAN In a remarkable study several years ago, Selin Kesebir of the London Business School and the psychologist Pelin Kesebir of the University of Wisconsin at Madison found that references to nature in novels, song lyrics, and film story lines began decreasing in the 1950s, while references to the …

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On Sunday, my sister in law said, “Look at the frost on the door.” I could see a clear fractal pattern. It brought to mind this image by Eyvind Earle. Note the pattern of the snow and bark. Earle was a genius that did a lot of work for Disney animated movies surprisingly.

Attacus atlas

Atacos Atlas, the amazing moth disguised as a snake and is considered one og the largest moths in the world When I first saw this image my thought was photoshop but it is real. I am surprised never to have seen it before. Just amazing.