Better Bamboo

this new durable hybrid bamboo/woven glass fiber/polypropylene composite, treated with the plastination technique has a promising future. Better Bamboo Will this lead to better fly rods? Maybe, if the purists can hold down their gorge over the plastination reference.  A lot of them are already ‘impregnated‘. If they can use that term anything is possible.

Woodcock Nesting Now!

Scolopax minor, the Woodcock. Back on March 22nd. I found this nest of 3 woodcock eggs. The hen apparently took off as I walked by working on pruning some young oaks. I took my picture and decided to stay away from this end of the property so as not to disturb her further. Today, as …

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New Yorker Wendell Berry Profile

New Yorker Wendell Berry Profile I know of him but little else. A kind of traditional agricultural guru. I can’t remember reading much about him but he is a BFD to some. ​It occured to me that ​I thought I had seen him mentioned on the blog before. A search showed a great deal more than …

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Quantum Birds, Squeezing Snakes

Quantum Birds This is pretty dramatic stuff with evolution creating quantum level structures. It is a new level for biology. There is likely a lot more of it going on. Photosynthesis, and even human thought, have been proposed as being quantum. It will be interesting to see how the field develops.

Moral Dilemmas

Funding conservation through gun sales questions. Data also shows that firearms sales are motivated by fears of violence and social unrest. Gun sales have increased following mass shootings and racial justice protests and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anecdotal evidence suggests that over the past two years, some African Americans and Asian Americans purchased their first …

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