“Theirs a few things on my mind.”

I looked through some old posts, last night, and noticed typos, bad grammar, and other abuses. As mentioned before, Steve’s standards cannot not be upheld by me as I do not have his skill set. Time is the other issue.

Snowshoe Hares, Grouse, Porkys

Snowshoe Hares, Grouse, Porkys Paper Link There’s a lot I didn’t expect in this. Owls target grouse over hares? Hare pops affect grouse?  I had no idea young porkys were so vulnerable. It makes you wonder what else we are missing?

Rewilding Bison

  After years of work, our paper documenting that ALL North American bison are the result of cattle hybridization was published this week. – Brian W Davis

Borderland Jaguars

Jaguar ReWilding I thought I posted on this before but I guess not now. Some good up to date info with some videos, etc. The map is most interesting.