Jonathan Kingdon has Parkinson’s.

Jonathan Kingdon has Parkinson’s. It would be awful enough right there, but he is 88 and so it is  running fast.  And since both his mother and father worked THROUGH their centenary years-!!–he feels he still has a lot to do.

Lord Rothchild’s Gun

A little while ago in the post about MacNaughtons I suggested I include a photo. Here it is, below. Lord Walter Rothschild was one of the richest men of his time, and the greatest bird collector, until he was forced to sell his collection (to the  AMNH) because he was being blackmailed by a mistress. …

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​Art by the Quill and the Brush

“Hunter of hares, may fortune smile on thee: Such is the gift of Pan. And thou, O fowler, who with lime and reeds Seekest to capture winged and feathered breeds That roost beneath this hill…praise Pan! Pan from his eyrie guards yon sacred copse; Bid him descend to join the chase, that he With hounds …

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Dogs are capable of conceptualization.

Dogs can ponder their past. Historically, there has been a notion that conscious awareness of past personal experiences is the exclusive domain of humans, but recent research isn’t supporting that conclusion, according to Scagel. “Our study shows that dogs are capable of conceptualization, placing them in an expanding category of other animals that includes bottlenose …

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