Autumn ! May she bring many colorful and sunny days! Isaac Levitan ”Autumn. Hunter” 1880 No doubt he is after Euro Woodcock. Meteorological autumn was the first of the month.  I think it more accurately reflects the felt time of the seasons. My friend sent out his invite for grouse camp last week.  He said …

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Woes of the West

The west is being pummeled by one thing after another. Drought, fire, invasives, the list is long.

Sandpiper Season

BarryBurgess pix I have a whole video on this on my Youtube Channel (including hunting Peregrines) for those who are interested and can’t see it in person. It’s an amazing sight and worth going to see. Simon Paul d’Entremont pix Steampunk falcon pic TUNNICLIFFE pic Wall art pic It is Sandpiper Season again for the …

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LOOK MA, NO CHEATGRASS! The livestock industry would like you to believe that infestations of the invasive weed cheatgrass are caused by fire, and livestock have very little to do with it. Not so. Here’s a photo from last weekend from the Idaho National Laboratory, lands that burned around 2000. And lo – despite the …

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I am by nature a person suspicious of the economic machine that feeds me. And yet I am a captive of that economic machine, and my mind is structured by its lessons and demands. I consume its wealth with zest. I drive a truck, watch a color television, and write on a computer, but I …

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