Christmas Eve.


I stuck my head out the back door for a second, a few minutes ago, and saw 5 deer 20 to 30 feet away. No sign of Santa. It reminded me of this.

the shamans of the indigenous Sámi people of Lapland consumed small amounts of Amanita muscaria in their visionary rituals and drank urine from their reindeer, who eat the iconic red-and-white mushroom as part of their diet and metabolize its toxins without harm, excreting a fluid still full of psychoactive compounds but free from toxins. One of the known psychedelic effects of Amanita muscaria on humans is the sensation of flying, which might explain the origin of the myth about the man clad in red and white soaring through the sky on his reindeer-drawn sled, dispensing tokens of love to the world.the marginalian.

It fits in well with my current reading on Stamets and Pollan’s work regarding psychoactives. LOL
Season’s greetings

Xmas gift?

Dougherty Clayworks

I got an unexpected email today. It was a reply to one 2 years old. It had this image I sent around to Steve and others. ​I thought those bowls were still stunning and what an xmas gift they would be.​ They all look hand made and their cost may be scary but still nice. I am not sure of the symbolism if there is any. Southwest or native or crows in a Van Gogh sky with a moon?