All wolves are from Beringia.

  All Modern Wolves (Canis lupus) Descend from a Population that Originated in Beringia Another entry in the story of wolf\dog origins. We are likely a long way from conclusion. Ancient DNA suggests modern wolves trace their origin to a Late Pleistocene expansion from Beringia Source  paper with a pdf option. Some nice graphics in the …

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Snow leopard roaming on Mount Everest

A rare snow leopard roaming on Mount Everest at 18,000ft, photo published in @thetimes today by Kittiya Pawlowski. What a shot! David Attenborough Club My BS meter is dinging but it may be a legit shot. It helps that the David Attenborough Club vouches for it.

A Neanderthal Lunch

The scene is set in the Middle Pleistocene depicting a group of early Neanderthals butchering carcasses of straight tusked elephants at Poggetti Vecchi (Tuscany). A pretty good image. As usual, open in new tabs to embiggen. 

Christmas Eve.

  I stuck my head out the back door for a second, a few minutes ago, and saw 5 deer 20 to 30 feet away. No sign of Santa. It reminded me of this. the shamans of the indigenous Sámi people of Lapland consumed small amounts of Amanita muscaria in their visionary rituals and drank …

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Xmas gift?

Dougherty Clayworks I got an unexpected email today. It was a reply to one 2 years old. It had this image I sent around to Steve and others. ​I thought those bowls were still stunning and what an xmas gift they would be.​ They all look hand made and their cost may be scary but …

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