Cooper’s Hawk Preening

Cooper’s Hawk preening at Long Point, Ontario. The Nature of Norfolk A cool image. I don’t remember one like it before.

Quite the find.

A giant insect plucked from the façade of an Arkansas Walmart has set historic records. The Polystoechotes punctata (giant lacewing) is the first of its kind recorded in eastern North America in over 50 years—and the first record of the species ever in the state. The giant lacewing was formerly widespread across North America, but …

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Paleoart by Tom Björklund

Stunning paleoart by Tom Björklund. Dan Loke Just some more examples of his work.  The elephant one was posted earlier.   Another picture of a Shelk, (Megaloceros giganteus), showing its size. Both pictures are likely incorrect regarding its pelage. As usual, open pictures in new tabs to embiggen. Twice for the small ones.


My friend said she got a notification from her ranch camera and this is what it was!  SO COOL!! Santa Rosa, NM Sheray Durham Reddin