Paleo Dating, Tree Rings and Bacteria


The researchers used the model to glean how past climate conditions affect tree growth, but they note that the directionality could be reversed: The tree ring record extends to nearly 14,000 years, and it could be used to classify ancient air masses.

Tree ring width predicted by machine learning

Tree Rings are the gift that keeps on giving.

 A new study offers both by providing, for the first time, a reconstruction of prehistoric temperatures for some of the first known North American settlements.

To obtain a more precise history of temperatures, Kielhofer examined soil samples from the archeological sites. Using a technique known as brGDGT paleothermometry, she examined temperature records stored in bacteria to obtain a record of mean annual air temperature

A reconstruction of prehistoric temperatures for some of the oldest archaeological sites in North America

Bacteria! What, really? The ways to get data now just amaze me.

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