A Clamshell 28” 12ga SXS

Andrew Curry

G.L. Rasch, Braunschweig. We call it a Clamshell action. I don’t know much about this maker. Certainly a well built and good quality gun. Often the “clamshell” actions are used on double rifles. Pictures of the proof marks on the barrel flats could reveal more. Josh Pover
It needs work but it is an interesting one. I haven’t heard of the clamshell pattern before. Maybe, Steve has.
As usual, open in new tabs to embiggen. Twice for small ones.


  1. Those are my pictures and my 12g. I have cleaned the entire action and inspected it. Don’t know much about it but it’s a double bite, it’s tight and it’s going to get some
    Low pressure shells to shoot grouse with in the Upper Peninsula this fall

      1. I just found this thread again. I can send you pics if anything you’d like. Email should be open.

        1. I am not sure if you mean for the blog or the prior comment. In any case, if you have a picture hosting site, like google photos, you could upload them there in common for the commenter and the blog.

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