World’s largest known asteroid impact structure.

This map shows the distribution of circular structures of uncertain, possible or probable impact origin on the Australian continent and offshore. Green dots represent confirmed impact craters. Red dots represent confirmed impact structures that are more than 100km wide, whereas red dots inside white circles are more than 50km wide. Yellow dots represent likely impact structures. Credit: Andrew Glikson and Franco Pirajno

World’s largest known asteroid impact structure

It was more than double the scale of the Chicxulub impact that killed off the dinosaurs.

Yeah, that would get your attention.

The size of a possible tsunami has been calculated. An asteroid that was four km (two mi) in diameter falling onto the five km (three mi) deep ocean would have blasted the water off the ocean floor for at least 60 km (37 mi), and made a wave over 200 m (660 ft) high on the southern end of Chile and the Antarctic Peninsula.

So would the Eltanin impact. Far more have hit the ocean than land.

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