High Flyer

Bluefin? I think so but I could be wrong.

This video is interesting because it shows the incredible power of tuna. Tuna are highly evolved predators and biological marvels.

The largest Tuna ever caught by a recreational angler on a rod and reel is this beast from back in 1979! Caught by Ken Fraser off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. That fish weighed in at an astounding 1,496 pounds! To this day, no recreational fisherman has ever come close to matching this world record bluefin tuna catch! Ray & Anne’s Tackle & Marine

  I remember this one and the article on it in Outdoor Life. It is still the record and unlikely to be surpassed because tuna drive people crazy and they will not let them grow. If I remember correctly this was up in the Strait where the sharks and whales gather for the saury run. This one was likely there for the saury, too.
The radio was talking about tuna and their cultural history here this week. I caught a fragment of it and they were talking about the Wedgeport days when the rich and famous moved in. The tuna moved to the Gulf and those days are over.
For a brief time, I worked for a woman that used to trap tuna and feed them before sale to the Japanese. Harvest time was risky business. The Japanese wanted to bleed the tuna they were still alive by cutting near the tail. After injuries, broken bones, etc they agree to shooting them in the head first.

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