Falls of the Ohio?

The Falls of the Ohio, 1928, before a series of dams was built along the river. Kentucky Geological Survey.

the 26-foot (7.9 m) drop made by the river over a distance of two miles (3 km). In its original form, the falls could be characterized more as rapids extending over a length of the river, than as a point-like discontinuity in a river such as Niagara Falls. Still, the falls provided a singular, dramatic, and daunting obstacle to navigation on this important inland waterway.

Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area

 Louisville, Kentucky, and the associated Indiana communities—JeffersonvilleClarksville, and New Albany—all owe their existence as communities to the falls,

I am amazed I never heard of this.

Nearly two weeks after Meriwether Lewis’ arrival at the Falls of the Ohio, the barge, pirogues, and canoe were ready to depart on Wednesday, October 26, 1803, with additional supplies and several additional men. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
Maybe if I had read Lewis and Clark. 

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