Charlin 16ga., 65mm chambers. I finished cleaning it up and am pleased to have it. It’s not a collector gun, so I’m going to have a pad put on it and hopefully find someone to refinish the wood and recut the checkering. This is one of the least adorned Charlin or Darne I’ve seen. It was a case colored receiver which is mostly gone. Although I’m tempted to have it blued into a funeral gun, I’m now leaning toward keeping the metal as is. It’s got bright bores, no rust, action is smooth, triggers are crisp. Jim Bauer
I almost bought one once until I found out the barrels were too thin. Steve says they get smoother with age. I am not sure if he  ever used one however. I would love to have one but since I shoot left it is very hard to find one stocked as such. The stock can’t be bend like on a boxlock.
Steve has more to say on them in Good Guns, Again.
A search here shows he does have a Charlin and a nice one!

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