In honor of Veterans Day the Museum will be closed today (11/11). Our gratitude to all of those who have served! Did you know that the National Museum of Wildlife Art is home to the John Clymer Studio? In honor of Veterans Day, we are spotlighting Clymer. During World War II Clymer served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve alongside his friend and fellow artist, Tom Lovell. Staff Sergeants Clymer and Lovell became the Marine Corp’s first artist-illustrator team. During his service, Clymer created artwork for various Marine Corps magazines and publications, as well as designs for patriotic posters. He served honorably for the duration of the war and left service in 1945.
During his career as an illustrator, he created over 80 covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Like many successful illustrators, Clymer longed to devote his time to easel painting, and in 1964 committed himself to painting the wildlife and history of the American West.
John Clymer (United States, 1907 – 1989), Caribou Trails, c. 1960. Oil on canvas. 20 x 30 inches. JKM Collection®, National Museum of Wildlife Art. © Estate of John Clymer. National Museum of Wildlife Art

I like Clymer. I really like this caribou painting. His sporting illustrations were not too common but always fun and evocative. He did the best wild sheep painting I think I have ever seen.

It’s believed the 64-inch-long, 44-inch-wide color canvas was done by Clymer in the 1950s for True men’s magazine.

Steve and I had an email back and forth about this Clymer. I found it online, over a decade ago, likely when it was at auction. Lauren McGough was at his place at the time and both being old Mongolia fans they were fascinated by the details. There was not a lot of detail with the painting and Steve speculated it was Roy Chapman Andrews* in the background. Steve was a big fan of his. He was supposed to be a model for Indiana Jones. The painting has been added to the Clymer Museum.

*He is a pick in Steve’s book on books, A Sportsman’s Library. Chapter 48

Tom Lovell True Magazine Chinese Soldiers Painting

Remembering his fondest for the Clymer, I sent him this Tom Lovell image in Sept. He replied, “Where do you FIND these things?? ​I love it.”

Lovell was a contemporary to Clymer with a similar career arc.

Far Side

Far Side

Far Side

Another too soon?

Merry Christmas

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