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“He exercised his prerogative by devouring a pigeon a day.” . . . 140

I’m trying to get back in but it’s an uphill battle because of my disabilities. There are lots of things I need to comment on. That sparrow hawk is not unnatural, it’s just a little too big compared  to the pouters. They really have exaggerated proportions compared to the goshawk — huge staring eyes and skinny legs…
I love that artist. Please send more of his work and sources.

I should have said I meant incongruous in the terms of the pigeons ignoring the hawk after a kill.

The Paul Bransom image is from An Argosy Of Fables (1921) which he seems well known for. You can flip through the whole book under the link.

Wow, I just noticed this site which looks like a collection of everything Paul Bransom did. There are unseen things there I have wondered about for decades.

Frank C. Hibben, Hunting American Lions, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1948

He did the above which was Chapter 69 in Steve’s book on books.

Some of his cougar ones stand out. I love this 13 1/2 x 18, Charcoal.

More Bransom’s below. Lots more are online.

Note the Airedale which were really popular for this around 1900-1920.

I forgot he did Seagram’s calendars too. I wanted them bad as a kid.

From “The Feet of the Furtive,” 1921

This is one of the CGD Roberts books I mentioned. I well remember this illustration by Bransom.

Looks like a cottontail in varying hare habitat. Some artistic license?

Bransom Art

… and more


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