John Dickson round action .577 rifle plus 14 bores and a Paradox

John Dickson round action .577 (3”). Most unusual. In storage. Vintage Guns

I don’t remember seeing a Dickson rifle like this before. Impressive looking quality.

1890 Purdey. Looks pretty normal, lovely quality, well used but otherwise nice. What is unusual is that it is a 14-bore. Vintage Guns

  Another oddball. You don’t see 14 bores often, especially one this handsome.

Very nice. I’ll be shooting my 14 gauge Parker tomorrow afternoon Steve Ferraro
We are currently in the process of working on this lovely  made & extremely rare 16b Holland & Holland box lock Paradox. The only one ever made.
We are very lucky to get to work on some fantastic rare guns, another fun job ahead. Once we have finished it, it will be entered into Holts Auctioneers next auction. We can both highly recommended this ultra rare gun. I’m looking so forward to testing this one out. Scott Wilson Gun Maker

What Is A Paradox Gun? Put simply, a Paradox Gun is a shotgun with a partially rifled barrel that enables it to shoot both slugs and shot with reasonable accuracy.

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  1. Bonjour. Je possede une carabine a percussion, culasse snider avec canon octogonal ventilé de 30 pouces(105cm) longueur totale 46,5 pouces. Sur le canon est gravé 60 Princess Street Edinburgh. Sur le coté de l’arme John Dickson &Son. Sur le pontet le numéro 1070 y est gravé. Incapable de certifier et d’avoir une valeur. Photos sur demande

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