Shotgun Oddities

What do you folks think of this Beretta 486 Copernicus? Shooting Sportsman
Kinda weird but maybe it appeals somewhere. Korea? Phillipines? Turkey?

Thanks to @dogsanddoubles for locating this incredible Manufrance Ideal D’Art. Stunning in every way. Shooting Sportsman
More convenitional but still a little different.

Firstly the reverse safety – pull back to fire – that’s not unique and I have seen it on some special orders from London makers.
This is another one of Graham Mackinlay’s “interesting and unusual” but this time from Malloch, Michie & Crockart. This dates it to pre 1890 when David Crockart dissolved the partnership with messers Malloch and Michie and set up on his own.
Between the three of them they came up with this patent. It has a platinum plug in one side only of a triangular ramp bead. It is only visible from the right eye. The series of steps filed Into it along its length is something of a mystery and it is likely there to create shadow and therefore contrast with the bright platinum plug. It also lends a sculptural elegance.
It goes to show that there is nothing new in shooting and eye dominance issues have been tackled for as long as guns have been shoulder mounted at flying game.
I never heard of this approach before. Being cross dominant it struck a chord.

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