My spouse found this unbelievably intact treasure this past spring when beach bombing about 80 km outside of Makkovik Labrador.

The early spring and scare amount of snow this year made for some nice beach combing on skidoo in places you’d typically not get to during the summer months.
I can not wait to hang and display this one!
Edit: for those asking yes, it is a walrus! Dina Chantal
I was at a friend’s last month and I saw a skull on a top shelf. He said it was a walrus from Sable Island. That really interested me. Walrus were wiped out there early on but would still be there if left alone. Nowadays, you have to go very far north to see them. Having spent time around Sable it was a flash to the past. I wish I could remember where he said he got it. I can’t remember if his had tusks.

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