Bear Lidar

Bear Lidar

The idea came to Cusick, who works for the National Park Service in Alaska, in 2018, while he was working on mapping and surveying at Katmai. A terrestrial lidar scanner, which uses lasers to determine distance and other measurements, was on hand to measure buildings. That’s the device traditional civil engineers use, but when Cusick wandered down to Brooks Falls and stood on a viewing platform 300 feet away from the bears, inspiration hit. He thought: Why not use the scanner to measure a bear’s surface volume instead?


Very neat idea.


Another Sign of Fall

“Having breakfast onboard, 28 miles off Canso. Oct 2 ,2021”


I used to see them, this time of year, when I worked on the Scotian Shelf. The ships attract tired migrant birds and the falcons prey on them. One ate a piper, or something, on the bow.  I wonder how many land birds die at sea. A lot of them that land on the ships do not look healthy and if they drink the sea water on deck that is bad. Steve might have more to say about that.

October Again


Well, that didn’t take long to get here it seems.

In 2 weeks, it will be peak color here and maybe snow by the end of the month. “Winter is coming,” as J.R.R. Martin says. I can’t say I am as keen on that as I used to be.

I see Steve has some nice woods down there. Not too close but they are there.  It makes for a good mix. I was kind of surprised by the isolated blob bottom right in NM.

Cape Breton

A Note from Tiger Country plus quatch and big peckers

Steve and gang have been amused by this video*. I haven’t looked at it but, sadly, I can relate. Thirty years ago, I had a phase where I was hopeful for its existence. Something to be excited over in a world where the biosphere is shrinking in a mass extinction. Like the British, with their big cat fantasies on the moors, it was a longing for a lost world where mysteries were still possible. Now with billions added to the population in my lifetime and trail cameras everywhere l am resigned to smaller and smaller details from the labs of science as compensation.

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The Power of the Dog movie


The Power of the Dog review source

“The Power of the Dog, directed by Jane Campion (in select theaters November 17 and on Netflix December 1)

After 12 years, Campion has returned to cinema, making what is maybe the most exciting TIFF film, and one that’s sure to get a lot of awards attention. An adaptation of Thomas Savage’s novel, this Western ripples with anger and sadness, following a charismatic, frightening rancher (Benedict Cumberbatch) who dominates the lives of his meek brother (Jesse Plemons) and sister-in-law (Kirsten Dunst). Campion understands the genre she’s working in, setting the roiling emotions of her characters against the striking landscapes; Cumberbatch’s performance is as immense as the peaks and valleys around him. Right now, it feels like a Best Picture front-runner.”

” the film has an approval score of 91%,” per wiki

“From Publishers Weekly

First published in 1967 to critical raves, Thomas Savage’s The Power of the Dog now includes an afterword by Annie Proulx. It traces the tense relationship between two bachelor brothers, Phil and George Burbank, on a Montana ranch in the 1920s. When George marries a widow, Phil, a bullying, repressed homosexual, terrorizes his new sister-in-law. And when her teenage son comes to the ranch, things get even more complicated.”


I am not sure how good this might be but it is getting some buzz which is rare for a western. I can’t think of many that were real good lately.

I looked at bits of Hell or High Water, this week. A good modern western but what was best for me was the overhead shot of where the land breaks to the lower plains. The Llano_Estacado, per this? An amazing otherwordly scene like something you would expect on Mars.

Shot entirely in New Mexico.


Coursing Video

If you have facebook this is a pretty good coursing video. The weird thing is that the video shows on facebook but the link to it goes to an unrelated music video. Three greyhounds and a hare. No context info that I could see, like where, etc. It looks like the US but may not be.

Gun Issue

A deep dive into the gun issue. Basically, a draw. One of the better pieces I have seen on it.

Baby Crows

A super cute nest of baby crows.

I have been feeding multiple generations for years now. I think it is the same family line that nests in the yard. I always get a laugh out of them. The great thing about corvids is that the lights are on and somebody is home. There has been a lot of work done on their intelligence I have sent Steve over the years. They even have a concept of zero.

I collected sporting books years ago and I was surprised that one bookseller had so many books on corvids. I asked and he said it was a big interest area. I joined a corvid group a few years ago. It had a few 1000 members at the time. Now it is six figures . People are into corvids like I never knew.

Canuck the crow gets international notoriety for stealing knife from crime scene

This guy became famous.