Eagle Dreams

Stephen J Bodio

Searching for Legends in Wild Mongolia

As a boy, Stephen Bodio was always fascinated with nature—and when he saw an image in National Geographic of a Kazakh nomad, dressed in a long coat and fur hat and holding a huge eagle on his fist, his life was forever changed. When Mongolia finally became independent in 1990, Bodio knew that his childhood wish to see the eagle hunters was soon to become a reality.

In Eagle Dreams, he recounts his trip to Mongolia, where he spent months with the people and birds of his dreams. He is finally able to visit the birthplace of falconry and observe the traditions that have survived intact through the ages. Here, he witnesses things most people will never be able to—and in this memoir of an incomparable journey, he brings to vivid life to the people, landscapes, and animals of Mongolia that have become part of his soul.

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