Prim Rocks – Arkansas and Athabasca River concretions.

Prim Rocks – Arkansas A “Prim rock” refers to the large, spherical sandstone boulders found in and around Prim, Arkansas. These geological formations are known for their unusual round shape and can range in diameter from about one foot to four feet. Experts believe they are a result of weathering processes that have shaped the …

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Elephants Names

Colorado State University scientists have called elephants by their names, and the elephants called back. Wild African elephants address each other with name-like calls, a rare ability among nonhuman animals, according to a new study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. Elephants have names for each other like people do, new study shows Cool.

Pigeon Navigation

Are we underestimating pigeons? How studying (robot) pigeon navigation changed my mind about their intellect

Jupiter, Again.

From the frantic firing of billions of neurons in your brain comes your unique and coherent experience of reading these words. The world is full of such emergent phenomena: large-scale patterns and organization arising from innumerable interactions between component parts. And yet there is no agreed scientific theory to explain emergence. The New Math of …

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Carl Rungius Raisonné

  Join us for a special First Sunday THIS SUNDAY (7/7) at the Museum. We will be premiering two of our new Bisoncast films, “The Lost Painting: Carl Rungius Raisonné, Part I” & “The Rungius Legacy: Carl Rungius Raisonné, Part II” in the auditorium. Bisoncast is an online video series that provides free access to …

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  There are Roseate Terns here and there worldwide, but in Canada the absolute best place to see them is in my home village of West Pubnico-specifically Dennis Point wharf where you can see them point blank as they dip and dive for fish. The colony on North Brother is doing very well, with 72 …

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