The best compliment I’ve received as a writer: “Suffused with the tang of sagebrush and the hush of snowy east coast woods, it reads like some wondrous hybrid of Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff and Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac.” Helen Macdonald

The Local Lynx of Cold Cloud

   where the sun was positioned two million years in the past—and, with it, the heliosphere, and the rest of the solar system. They also mapped the path of the Local Ribbon of Cold Clouds system, a string of large, dense, very cold clouds mostly made of hydrogen atoms. Their simulations showed that one of the clouds …

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The Gila

  A big, wild HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Gila Wilderness, which turns 100 years old today!Aldo Leopold’s visionary proposal for a wilderness area in New Mexico’s Gila National Forest came to fruition on June 3, 1924, when the U.S. Forest Service administratively designated it the world’s first wilderness area, the Gila Wilderness, four decades before …

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Through the Window, 1926, by Arthur Wasse (1854 – 1930)

Through the Window, 1926, by Arthur Wasse (1854 – 1930) Crows in the foreground? Pigeons on the roof? I suspect the artist was not a bird person. Nice image, however. Updated June 10, 2024 Another version of it. I suspect the colors are truer here and a lesson in how the web distorts art.

Maybe Staged but Plausible.

There was another camera angle in French so suspicions mount. It doesn’t take much imagination to think it could be real though. A hawk is an opportunist.

Biggest moth?

 Thysania agrippina (Erebidae). The biggest moth in the world. Atlantic Rain Forest. Mountain region of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. Rodrigo Freitas This may be true by the measure of wingspan—a Brazilian specimen with a wingspan of almost 30 cm (12 in) appears to hold the record.[1] The Atlas moth and Hercules moth, however, have greater wing areas.[1] The white witch occurs from Uruguay …

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My friend Paul DiNolo

Paul DiNolo died last month — he was 75. He was the only survivor of my hoodlum youth that i still see. i first met him when he came dow to Easton to play a cheesy little Farfisa electric organ for Richie Salvucci’s band. then, He was only 4 feet tall and wanted to be …

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