Pretty Guns- Post #2

I’ll leave this slightly obsessive subject in a minute but somebody asked me in an email “what ARE the best?” and what my– I dunno, esthetic is; my Platonic ideal. I could never afford one and I doubt if my fans can make up a rich enough cartel to comp me one as a present, but the answer is easy– the Scottish (Edinburgh) “round” actions, not London famous names, not ostentatious engraving, but a minimalist provincial example of craft & design genius– stark, perfect, Tom McGuane’s “simple linear gesture”. I give you two examples: the starkest, leanest, possibly purest, an ancient McNaughton with wood extending to cover the metal, the “Bar in Wood” type: and the lean but more baroque example of turn of the last century pre- Great war indulgence, a rare– fewer than ten 3 barrels made? — Dickson in just that configuration– allegedly one like it, also in 16 gauge, was made for the legendary bird collector Walter Rothschild.

3- Wheel Morgan

I always thought the Morgan sports car was the most elegant ever made, comparable to a London best hammer pigeon gun in esthetics.

(My other favorites are the ’57 Chevy and the Citroen Traction Avant– but remember, I also love Winchester Model 12 pumps and Darnes).

So how could I not be delighted when I found out that Morgan was bringing out this retro 3- wheeler. Is it a car or a motorcycle? Who cares!

Website here. Review here.