My computer has just had a mental breakdown!

Apologies. Actually the blog and webs seem fine. The mail and some other things are off. I get but cannot receive mail (I get large attachments so that is not the trouble). Regular correspondents are being dumped in the spam file. And oddest of all, I can download photos from my camera, but cannot edit or open or export them– although I can see thumbnails the program insists they do not exist. I cannot export them, and while I was trying to, over 300 photos from my “art” folder suddenly dumped into IPhoto in a few seconds, and I only stopped it dumping thousands I have stored by pulling the plug! Yikes.

So apologies to the regular circle, to John M and Dr John B, and especially to Pete Humphreys, who is sending me great material on “Roaring Emma”. I’ll be back– actually I may just be able to get through on Libby’s new IPad, which I have been tardy in learning as I have been working overtime…


A couple of weeks ago my mouse and keyboard failed. When I replaced them I realized I needed to update the software. Our Mac guy in Socorro installed all that but then decided to clean its gritty interior.Bad idea– when he put it back together it refused to start.

He sent it to a Mac place in Albuquerque where they informed him that our ten year old EMac was “obsolete” and that they wouldn’t fix it. Two more said the same.

He persisted and found a fellow who worked on “legacy” Macs. Who found he couldn’t fix it and recommended we get a used modern IMac, at which point he would transplant the data to it from the old hard drive.

Then he called and said it wasn’t working. I went to the bar.

Next morning, fortunately, he had figured it out. So I am back in business, with an enormous backlog of both blog material and work. I will be catching up for days I expect, but I am back!