Dogs seeking homes…

There will be some interesting pups available later this year. But right now there is a wonderful rather young full grown dog available: Meshi. One of the difficulties among so- called “primitive” breeds is that they are– sometimes fiercely– hierarchical, especially the females. This is rarely a problem when they are raised together, as they accept the status quo– but when two Alpha queens are suddenly “forced” to live together, one must yield– and does not, sometimes.

At Shiri’s, neither Meshi nor Riss would back down, and Meshi must find a new home, one without bitches– she gets along perfectly well with males, cats, and other species.

Says Shiri:

“Rissy has been great with Mars and with Tavo’s bitches when they have been over.  Never a worry.  But not all dogs can be together, and Rissy and Mesh were not a match. 

2.5 years old, good with people and cats and kids,  very cheerful, extremely loving, super athletic.  Needs to go to a home without other bitches.  You can put my email address in the blog as a contact.”

And here it is:

Meshi’s needs are greatest. But there are more out there. John Burchard has bred another litter out of Tigger and Prince– that is Kazakh and working line Saudi, the Kazakh itself a combination of Almaty and Semirichenski lines, brindle genes out of Lashyn, and Kyran…


UPDATE: here is Tigger litter 2!

And for those who prefer lurchers and longdogs, Patrick has a link. They are descended in part from Lashyn and Plum, and Terence’s old Percy.

Finally, we are at  least thinking about planning an ultimate litter, though the breeding has not been done…

Weekend Doggage

Shiri just took these photos of the ever- amazing Larissa. Can’t believe how she has blossomed since she got out from under the domination of her slightly tyrannical mother Ataika.

It also shows the skills and stamina our dogs must display to hunt successfully in this harsh country. Go Riss!

And I am starting to process many oldies too, so expect the unexpected. Here is one of Riley, whose mother was the deerhound Lepus and father the golden brindle country greyhound Diamond.  Below that are two of Floyd’s hounds.

Riley caught, single hand, the big coyote whose pelt is buried with Betsy Huntington. Notice his size beside the grey Lady and the white saluki cross “Gates”.

Photos from 1985 I think, loading up Floyd Mansell’s dog truck. I have better photos of the truck but these are good of the hounds. Click to enlarge…


More relatives; Daniela’s boys in part, Shunkar, showing the permanent damage the rattler did; thank God he did not lose an eye. Then, Monnie’s new pups, from John B and Vladimir; sweet Kyra, Tigger’s daughter, with her GSD protector Eden, and (the little red)  feisty Aeris, Taika’s neice and already a tiny tyrant who knows she was born to rule the world.

Kyra is already pointing pheasants 
 Really– I hunt with Ataika as a bird dog, though nobody believes it!