Still more gratuitous dog images

For the end of the year. Jutta’s girls in Germany once again, on a bright windy day…

An end- of- the- day game painting Jonathan found in a museum in Brussels, with greyhounds.

And Princess  Ataika, who can find a throne anywhere… at home or on the road, in this case Jim and Penelope Caldwell’s place outside Laramie.

Dog family

Shiri had to leave Larissa with us for a couple of days when she flew to San Diego for a friend’s play opening there. Rissa behaved like a lady– she has obviously gained some poise being the sole queen in a house of boy dogs rather than the third rank female. We hope to breed her with Tavi this fall– serious queries welcome. Here we are in Albuquerque with the prospective parents. Pups will be 3/4 Almaty, 1/4 Russian stock through Tav and Vladimir’s Timur, good hunters all– and Ataika’s grandchildren (we are keeping one).