RIP: Pearl the Merle


Nate Moody and Nan Morningstar’s Pearl, the only merle pup from the late Semirichenia tazi from Kiev, brindle Lashyn, and the Hancock bred lurcher Plummer fom England, died of a bladder problem last week. She was our favorite of the litter, by far the most adventurous– she could climb over the dog gate at five weeks– and we intended to keep her until Nate fell for her. We have mostly puppy pics here– perhaps Nate can supply some later ones. It is hard to believe she was not young. Nobody is any more, I’m afraid. Other than possibly Dutch Salmon’s line, there are no more living descendants of that litter. And that makes me sad. She was a fine dog, as were her parents.

The lower photos are with her house mate, Maty, one of Ataika’s girls.

Good Run

Tavi, and Tavo Cruz’s Luna, bred on a Dutch Salmon longdog out of our Kyran. Yes, we do use wrong names sometimes. Remember how I said big packs are sometimes less effective? This was a three dog run; they caught the hare shortly.

Always click right or double for bigger photos. Shot by Shiri…

Great Granddoggery

Shiri’s photos of ornithologist and falconer Octavio Cruz, artist Melanie Keithley, a friend, and at least two (or one two- headed?) great granddogs. I will let the younger folks sort out who is who other than Tavo & Melanie, but these dogs are WINNERS. On a sad note, I hear Dutch Salmon just lost a fine dog in a freak accident- she broke her neck in a tumble while running. Our condolences…

Granddogs: The Kids are Alright

Photos from Terence Wright prove that the descendants of the late Plummer, the creaky Lashyn, and the still healthy Taik and Kyran are doing well at that rarest and oldest form of team pursuit hunting here in New Mexico:

Fubar is a perfect example of how falconry can rehabilitate a seemingly hopeless bird. Terence wrote: “The Prairie falcon is a 2010 bird that had severe bumble foot and trashed feathers when I got her [from a rescue outfit SB] in 2011… Here’s a couple of pics of how the prairie looked when I got her, she was released in this state and found starving a week later. She has proved to be the sweetest nicest prairie falcon you could wish for despite all she has been through. The plan is to hunt her all winter and release her at the end of March.”

I would have thought she might never fly again with wings like this– and her feet were worse. Congratulations to Terence, and to all my granddogs again.

Weekend Visitors

.. amidst the chaos of book- ending: dog- in- laws Dan and Margaret of Shot on Site, Hare- Brained Express, etc etc, who have bought a bookstore in Deming, dropped by with seven- month old “sisters” Dragon Tatoo (“Toot”), the deerhound, and granddog H1lda (not a typo), who is from Lash and Plummer and Dutch Salmon’s dogs and Chris Mason’s galgos; in short a New Mexico longdog. Good times, good conversation, and good food, then back to work or on the road…