Tanuma Photos

I have carried around a 1969 Life magazine (with a photo of Ted
Kennedy just post- Chappaqudick on the cover!) because it has a gallery
of wonderful images by photographer T Tanuma.Yesterday, hoping to put
them in a more secure mode, I photo’d them.These are some of the results.


“… the shot of him crawling down the center line on a remote desert
highway (his idea, not mine!) may not send the proper parenting
messages. Roads are dangerous, children should be rock climbing instead!”

A.  Jackson Frishman, on grandson Eli in a review of the year’s photos of the Adventure Kid. Don’t know if he will release that one or not…

“No one sleeps on the yellow line, no one’s that alone…”- Warren Zevon

Heirloom Photos?

Two “family” photos that hang on our walls are a little better than snapshots.

Our friend Jay Dusard took this of me a LONG time ago at Libby’s house in Montana.

This, even longer ago, was an outtake for this. That is Libby over near the right with the short black hair and the blonde baby: Jack! His biological father– I dislike that term, it sounds clinical– his father, the late Harry Frishman, is on the left beside them.

Some more talented friends

Lest anyone be confused about who is who (see comments not too far below), two southwestern greats, artists, horse folks, friends: photographer Jay Dusard, printmaker and pastel artist Nance McManus,

A couple of favorites by Nance: “Prophet”, and a Dinosaurian heron

And two by Jay. The first is of rancher- houndman- conservationist Warner Glenn, who first tracked a modern US jaguar, and his daughter Kelly; the second of a Texas bullfight class, many years ago. Right click & make ’em bigger.

Old Portrait

… by Jay Dusard, Libby’s place in Bozeman (Montana) in the 90’s, with Bart and Bo, long gone. JP says: “I love the photo of Steve at age twelve with his dogs (good looking little Aussie!). I love photos of people with their pets or working partners, meaning horses, (And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim*) because it always seems to reveal the best of them.” As always double click to embiggen; the depth & detail of Jay’s photos is amazing.

*That’s a quote. I bet Tom McIntyre knows who…

A Few Birds

Coming back this weekend after work, sick days, and generally too much, and that dull. (Why is it so hard to pay writers dammit???) We will have links, pix, dog news, poetry. I will finally review David Quammen. I will announce others. There will be…. MORE. Tonight though, good photos… as always, right or double click and embiggen.

This extremely early bandtail showed up at Carolyn and John Wilson’s in the Magdalenas two days past. Photo by Carolyn W:

Goshawks. This adept pigeon- killing young male was in Larry Day’s backyard outside of Bozeman MT. I wonder if his meal descended from Spanish pouters I gave Larry 20 years past…

A relative but Melierax not Accipiter— dark chanting goshawk photographed by Texas writer Dennis Sumrak while hunting in Namibia. Dennis is working on a piece on our water crisis and has been seen at the Spur…

Can anyone remember a Roy Campbell poem– “Singing Hawk” perhaps– about this bird? I seem to but can’t find it…