“Great Moments in Pigeon Keeping”

..as Jack said in a recent email.The Grand Canyon guides knew long before the scientists about the huge stable non- migratory Peregrine population in the Grand Canyon, the Colorado and its tributaries…

 Photos by the late great Wesley Smith of the homers he used to take down the River in the days of film cameras, to allow his clients to be met with photos,. He used to say that each roll took three pigeons: “One for the tiercel, one for the falcon, and one for the film…”

Flyover Country- Who Knew?

Reading the WSJ, I was startled to encounter two old friends in an unusual context. The relevant passage:

 I called Russsell, who is in California and recovering from a shoulder operation ( casting lead- core steelhead lines in deep water for 60 years has got  to have SOME effect!) and he was as bemused as I was.

Carlos’s Sparrow Sauce

Just like my paternal grandmother’s, which she used on Polenta. “Makes a nice-a sauce”, she would say as she caught the sparrows in the pigeon loft by swatting them with a
broom or popping them into a brown paper bag and whacking it on a beam. I have never felt more Italian…….

Here she is in the back of a car driven by my dad, in ’38: