Central Asian Dogs and Falconry

First, a wonderful film from Kyrgizstan– in English!

Next, an amazing album of photos by our friend Jutta, who traveled there this spring. I have already posted a few of her photos.

Another film, from Turkmenistan. Notice the smaller Sakers there, more like Prairie falcons than Gyrs. The style of hunting is much like ours, only they use camels (and wear rather different hats).

The next video is on Vimeo and I don’t know how to imbed it so will just give a link. It is Soviet- era and not the best quality, but has some glimpses of local falconry I have not seen anywhere else.


Jutta Rubesam lives in Germany and has been a constant presence here through her Nhubia and Taalai, the two talented canine dancers who often grace our Weekend Doggage. In times past she visited New Mexico and took some of my favorite photos of my own dogs.

Now she has been to Kyrgizstan and the shores of lake Issyk- Kul, where she shot this portfolio of the Kyrgiz herders and their hounds. I am delighted to see that they have not standardized and  still retain their physical diversity, from near- tazis to “aboriginal Afghans”.

Still more gratuitous dog images

For the end of the year. Jutta’s girls in Germany once again, on a bright windy day…

An end- of- the- day game painting Jonathan found in a museum in Brussels, with greyhounds.

And Princess  Ataika, who can find a throne anywhere… at home or on the road, in this case Jim and Penelope Caldwell’s place outside Laramie.

Spring Puppies?

Larissa and Tavi are dancing for joy and have made (at least one) tie.

But as they say, wait, there’s more! If Lane has indeed bred her fine taigans, Rustam and Ooly, we are about to have the first of this more exotic variation too. Can’t wait– I am sure they will be the first working taigans in the SW or even in the states. Tell us the news!
Top two of Ooly; Rustam at bottom withDaniela’s Shunkar, bred here; everybody in between– all hard running high desert hounds.

UPDATE: Lane’s taigan litter is scheduled for next year and depends on somedemand. And Dr John has bred “our” Tigger– only living brindle Lashyn daughter, below– to tanpoint Saudi Prince. Both are serious coursing dogs. I know of no other details yet but will. Please contact me if you have a serious interest.