Fire Season

It has started here. I don’t know if you can see clearly, but the white specks on the window and trim of my car are wood ash. Last week we awoke one morning to find our cars covered with ash that had blown in overnight from a fire about 40 miles north of us near the town of New Cuyama. By the weekend, it had burned over 17,500 acres. We could smell the smoke and had some spectacular sunsets through the haze. You have to keep one ear open to the news about them.Other signs of fire season are the appearance of trucks full of Hot Shot teams on the highways. On a mountain road over the weekend, I had to back down to a turnout to let one come by. People coming downhill have the right of way. Also, I work across the street from the airport and get to see the increased flights of water bombers and spotter planes with their distinctive white and orange paint.It’s just a seasonal fact of life here and down in New Mexico where Steve lives. Like tracking hurricanes down on the Gulf Coast where Matt lives. Or tornadoes in the Upper South where I grew up.The LA Times tells us that California and most of the Southwest is in for a tough year. A multi-year drought has the whole area at risk.Pray for rain.

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