Oh the things we see

Last weekend we took the three pups out to our friend’s Midland Ranch, so they could finish the bonding process and head out to guard their first sheep herd on the range. Here’s a few images from the ranch. Doesn’t the chair look inviting?

This is a Belgian mare and colt. The colt is dragging a lead rope, and mama fussed with it enough that she became entangled in it as well (which I suspect was her goal). There are several colts in training in the corrals at the ranch.

The first thing we saw is the last picture today. These young rams have been painted red, so they can be used as marker sheep (i.e., one marker for every 100 sheep, providing an efficient way to count a herd).

2 thoughts on “Oh the things we see”

  1. I keep coming back to look at these red sheep again! Somehow they look RIGHT that color! Maybe it's the shade of red or maybe it's because I used to have red hair (not quite that red) but I really like the way they look!

    Prairie Mary

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