Last Child in the Woods?

There are advantages to life in the suburbs, at least in a state known as the Sportsman’s Paradise.  
I gather most suburban kids have more in common with urban kids than rural ones when it comes to hands-on wildlife experience.  Luckily for our children, the wildlife is close at hand and the neighbors are aware of it.
On a recent Thursday evening, after returning from a rabbit hunt near home, I got a call from my neighbor Tyler (mentioned elsewhere here) who was driving by with kids to drag a bow-shot deer from the woods in the back of our subdivision.  Would I help him?
Of course.  I still had my boots and chaps on.
After retrieving the small buck from its final resting place, maybe 75 paces behind another neighbor’s house, I gathered my own kids and brought them by to see how sausage is made.
All these kids eat deer and rabbit as a matter of course (often the main course!) and are not ignorant about where their meat comes from.  Ditto their eggs, which come from another neighbor’s hens…     

…See Logan’s hand on the antler?  I just noticed that!

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