5 thoughts on “Hands Off Our Water!”

  1. K– it is a Remington. In the eternal contest between the two I prefer Charlie Russell, as a painter and a human, but I am bound to say the pompous old bigot could paint- and this one looks local, while Charlie stayed close to home in Montana. Get ahold of an Ian Tyson album that has his song about Russell as well as songs by our local Tom Russell.

    Thanks Jim– amazing cross section from three generation ranchers to old hippies, anarcho- libertarians through Republicans to old Lefties, all together on this— sort of like how we westerners feel about guns (;-)

    Phil– the one sad lack at the Spur is single malt Scotch.When I came here 30 some years past the only beers were Bud and Coors– now you can get several varieties of Sam Adams, Mexican beers, even Guiness, and drinkable red wines.

    But although I enjoy an occasional good smoky Scotch the last local connoisseur of them, John Wyckoff, died years ago. Tell Montana!

  2. I always preferred Russell. I got to see his set of six guns once, on display with an exhibit of his paintings. One grip had the "Equalizer" saying carved on it, IIRC.


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