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My blog for the UNM Health Services site should be up soon here— perhaps in a day or two. It begins with my detststion of the term “progressive” as in “progressive disease”:

It is part of the proper definition of PD: Parkinson’s is a
“progressive” neurological disease. as I am a writer and work with words every
day, I know exactly what the sentence means and why it is phrased that way; it
describes the progress of the disease.  It is not meant to offend.

“And I still hate the phrase. Parkinson’s is the enemy of
progress Every day, you lie in bed after waking wondering if you will have a
good day,  a bad day, or be worse; you don’t expect better. When you walk
on one of the days when tremor or rigidity is stronger than usual, “progress”
becomes a measure of how far you can go, how long you can last; this driveway,
that street light. It seems just yesterday that you never measured at all…”
Read the rest at UNM later this week.

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  1. My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson disease. When we visit her I can't help but notice that her memory is failing and she is not the person that she used to be. I don't know if I really understand this disease.


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