He’s Baaack!

I was goingt to wait until after New Year’s Day, but I more or less have things in order, as much as is possible with the built- in chaos generators in my life. I have decided that the blog, while it doesn’t exactly bring in cash (and there must be some way to do a little of that, to be discussed later), it is an integral part of my life and work as a writer today. Sometimes I think that because it pulls me in, I resist, doubting anything easy is worth my time. I’m too old for that, or maybe a la Dylan I’m younger than that now…

Also, I got so much mail about missing me. I am selfish enough, or maybe proud enough of my writing, to  hope that translates into sales too, as my new editions– again, more on this comingcome out. And I now have TWO books in the works.

Finally, a lot has been happening, and not just macro TV level news. The Paradigm Shift in Dinos may be shaking the ground under our feet (not quite a “Block that metaphor” for the New Yorker). Enormous amounts of shared computer time between many universities and research groups has revealed bird relationships and likely cladistics  more detailed than those for any other group. Town stuff– the semi- new cafe, the Matanza planned for January. Friends winning prizes and getting big advances, interesting gun work, new battles, wins, losses, weird cultural artifacts (Clausewitz for Babies??), and good ones, great books by friends and strangers, old music rediscovered and new emerging, necessary quotes and weird science, more and worse…

It’s all coming through the next 48 hours…so, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Glad you're back! I had an uncle who decided to run away from home at age six. One of five children, his absence was not noted, much to his frustration on his return: at supper he remarked, "Well, I see we still have the same cat!"

    All best to Libby and you!


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