5 thoughts on “Scene of the Crime”

  1. Hi Steve. I've seen that scene at my house before. I'm going to submit a good thief pouter article to you soon. I've been raising Picas and Moroncelos for the past couple of years.

    On a different note, I'm not sure if you are a certified archeologist or not but I work for the USDA/NRCS and we are in need of archeologists to help with our arc clearances. If you would be interested in some work you can email me at clint.chisler@nm.usda.gov

    Clint Chisler
    Hobbs, NM

  2. i would love to hear more about your birds, and have always thought Moroncelos are a nice breed. I have mostly homer X Rafenos, bred back to Raf, for pouters.

    My wife Libby is a former archaeologist with interest in early Americans– she dug at Hell gap in the sixties. Blog partner Reid (Farmer) is active and ongoing in the same area. I'm just a fan who studied Biology and would end up writing…

  3. Sure thing Steve. I'll send you some photos and do a little write up on them. I'm basically outcrossing Moroncelos to Horseman, Cubans, Homers, and Picas and then crossing back till I get the color pattern back. I don't think too many Moroncelos were brought over and they need a little outcrossing.


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