Scenes from George’s Funeral

With sharks:

A few of the family: My Georgia brother Mike, self described redneck, horticulturalist and small- time farmer, birder, and maker of the finest preserves know to man, with the twins, Judi and Janine, up from PA:

Sister Anita St John with her husband Matt, old time rocker, and daughter Stella. She is the one who runs the clinic and diagnosed my heterozygote gene for CF by licking my arm.

More sibs- all the ones that count but Alicia and me (;-)) Judi, Wendy, ‘Nita, Karen (George’s widow, and our usual host in Boston), Mike, and Janine (the serious iron woman, marathoner, and athlete, who weighs about 95 and can bench press as much as I can)… a lot, incidentally…

Drone shot of the ceremony for George’s ashes this week:

George’s dog, Hal, is in mourning…