Grassland Griz

Grassland Griz

The general trend of grizzly populations across Alberta is considered stable to increasing, so the expansion of bears eastward is not surprising. Andrea Morehouse, the Waterton Biosphere Reserve Carnivores and Communities Program Science Lead, has been monitoring these bears. When asked if the bears are establishing territories in the grasslands or just wandering away from their home ranges in search of food, she confirmed they are living in the grasslands.

I had heard 30 years ago they were occasionly in SK but this is new to me.


Across the border in MT.

Mom to the rescue.


Terror Bird No 2


Titanis walleri, a genus of flightless bird from early Pliocene to early Pleistocene North America.
They had an estimated length of about 2 m.
by Jaime Chirinos

 I am going to have to control my weakness for posting these guys.

On Target



“This bird of prey had caught a meal 30 minutes ago but was back for more. Through high speed maneuver, it was successful in breaking the group down to just one shorebird. With its target locked in, it was just a matter of time.

Sandpiper being chased by a falcon, Brier Island, September 2021.”

‘Art’ 225,000 years old.

‘Art’ 225,000 years old.

An international collaboration has identified what may be the oldest work of art, a sequence of hand and footprints discovered on the Tibetan Plateau. The prints date back to the middle of the Pleistocene era, between 169,000 and 226,000 years ago – three to four times older than the famed cave paintings in Indonesia, France and Spain.

To answer the question, “is it art?” the team turned to Thomas Urban, research scientist in the College of Arts and Sciences and with the Cornell Tree Ring Laboratory.

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Helen Macdonald, Euro Robins

“I once saw [the writer] Helen Macdonald, who I think is a genius, ”

I saw this reference to Helen and it prompted me to look her up to see what she was up to lately.

I downloaded the Vesper Flights audio book which she reads. She has a good reading voice.

Checking through other news, I saw her reference to European robins below.

“And the English robins with the red breasts—people love them, but they’re horrendous creatures. They’re really violent, and all they do is sing and fight. I’ve watched this baby robin, this thing of extreme cuteness, develop its red chest and suddenly become a complete bastard! It’s kind of a soap opera.”


I laughed because it reminded me of this image I sent around in 2020. It needs a good caption. At the time, I was telling people, “I am tempted to call it a Euro Trash Tit Punch because the one on the left is a blue tit with a Euro robin on the right. Apparently, they are assholes. LOL”

It seems, they still are.