That Rotten Old Town That Everyone Loves

Borrowing a page from the 2Blowhards playbook, here’s a clip from YouTube, sent last night by my friend Jenn, formerly of St. Bernard Parish, which is just outside New Orleans.

The musician is Grayson Capps, another local who had to leave the city. I wrote up a short review of a gig we caught before the storms, here.

We saw him again last Saturday; he travels now from Tennessee, promoting his new album and new material. He sang New Orleans Waltz for us at d.b.a., the little bar on Frenchmen Street that seems now almost a portal to a lost world. A little remnant querencia.


What’s gonna come of lovely New Orleans
That rotten old town that everyone loves?
Pick up your tools, let’s rebuild New Orleans,
Make it all better, after the flood…

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