Ancient Enemies

Proof that at least one species of prehistoric cat, Megantereon, hunted humans– it’s in the isotopes.

“”Paranthropus robustus and the early Homo species,Homo ergaster, had a diet that reflected a mix of carbon isotopes, suggesting that they were omnivorous, which is similar to what modern humans are today,” said Lee-Thorp.

“Knowing the hominid carbon isotope ratios, Lee-Thorp and her colleagues were able to compare the ratios to those found in various carnivores found at the site. The team examined fossilized tooth enamel of leopards, lions, and spotted hyenas, in addition to three extinct species: Megantereon; Dino felis, a false saber-toothed cat; and Chasmoporithetes nitidula, an extinct hunting hyena.”

Of these, all but “Dino felis”– more on that in a minute– showed ratios that indicated that they fed on humans

As for Mr. Felis, who sounds like an associate of Fabio, I believe they mean Dinofelis.

I did think Paranthropus was more of a vegetarian but maybe I am behind the times…

HT Grayal Farr.

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  1. What on earth do they mean by “false sabre-toothed cat”? Bothe Megantereon and Dinofelis were machariodonts, same as smilodon. If smilodon and its ilk aren’t considered “real” sabre-toothed cats, then what is the world coming to?


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