Mullahs Dis 300

The mad mullahs aren’t very coherent about it, but they sure don’t like the new movie “300”.

A couple of reactions:

“The government spokesman referred to the movie as part of the extensive cultural aggression aiming to degenerate cultures of world states.”


“The Iranian embassy in Paris has termed the film an insult to the rich Iranian culture and civilization and shameless fabrication of history.

“The statement further reads, “This is surprising that Hollywood cinema, in a hostile manner and in pursuit of unhealthy objectives and with a commercial look in compliance with the militarist policies of some ill famed and domineering powers, has initiated to propagate hatred and terrorism in the world instead of attempting to diagnose the real problems gripping the present world.


“The director of the film ‘300’, Zack Snyder is 40 years old with no significant professional record.”

Oooh– that hurts..

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