Bee Crisis

.. and a little barking lunacy just for fun. As anyone environmentally concerned knows, domestic honeybees are disappearing. Here is a detailed and balanced view of the problem.

While I agree that Africanized bees– present here– are overhyped as a danger (and may well be a source of mite- resistant genes) the native pollinators may be under different stresses in some areas. See this fascinating book for details.

And then– well, you can expect madness when Vegans get into the act.

“Even if crops do currently require honeybee pollination, that is no reason to further exploit bees by consuming honey, beeswax, bee pollen, etc. The fact that everything in our society is based on animal exploitation shouldn’t surprise us since Western civilization literally began with the “domestication” (i.e. enslavement) of animals. Dead animals are used to build roads, but this doesn’t justify eating animals.”

That last sentence is never explained…

But at least he likes the Buchmann and Nabhan book.

5 thoughts on “Bee Crisis”

  1. “Dead animals are used to build roads …”

    Now that’s going to prey on me.

    The best I can come up with is that oil/tar used in asphalt comes from fossil fuels, right?

  2. It constantly amazes me how short sighted people are.

    Bees make a lot of honey. It’s what they do.

    Cows have great big huge udders. It’s what they do.

    Humans mooch off of everybody else. For better or worse it’s what we do.

    Gah. I just took out another three lines here because I was going off on a rant about paving the whole world and having a zoo in every mega city…

  3. Humans mooch off of everybody else. For better or worse it’s what we do.

    It’s what *all* living things do: herbivores eat plants; plants eat dead herbivores. The only problem I see when humans do it, is that we have a duty to treat the plants and animals we use with compassion. We have a duty to be good stewards, using what we need, and preserving what we don’t use.

  4. Hi Stephen, Im a friend of Andrew Stuttaford of the National Review
    Online. Im heading to Mongolia in September and Andrew suggested getting in contact with you for some travel advice. Do you have an email address so I could drop you a few questions? Best regards, Sam


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