Virginia: A Few Links

California (of course?) once again considers disarming its citizens. As Reid says, “you can have all the guns you want but no ammo”.

Yale goes further. Shakespeare with nerf bats and boffers? Maybe they can do an adaptation of the Maltese Falcon with squirt guns…

The always thoughtful Steve Browne provides sensible and serious advice, including this interesting comment on guns and women:

“…And I don’t mean anything as simplistic as “buy a gun”. Unless your life is such that the risk factors are considerably higher than that of the average college student, it could be more trouble than it’s worth. (If you’re male that is – like a lot of things we aren’t supposed to talk about, it’s different for women.)”

(Anybody who quotes Kipling as much as Browne does has my attention; but he is also a college teacher (anthropology) and a gun guy who has lived in eastern Europe, giving him some unusual combinations of perspective).

So far Fred the actor is the only politician who has had anything sensible to say.

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