From Steve

I’m still having SERIOUS server problems. I just can’t load big sites like Daren’s, Carel’s, Pluvi’s (well, I can if I am willing to refresh for a half hour or more and if it doesn’t disconnect– which it does literally hundreds of times a day, some times three or four times a MINUTE!)

I also can’t use Blogger, of course. And it is playing hell with book research and illustration search.

Cynics in my town say Gilanet is trying to force us all to their DSL, which is expensive and doesn’t work much better (Lib has it at the PO). The only other option , Wild Blue, is good but over $300 in startup costs which we don’t have.

Please, everyone: I haven’t lost interest! It is even hard to use email under these circumstances, though I may try to blog “through” Reid and Matt if this goes on longer. But I’ll Be Back!

Here are a few things to tide you over:

A photo of Paul Domski’s Zoltar, from our Ataika and Kyran, learning to be a partner to Paul’s baby Goshawk Frieda.

A request: go to this site, whatever your politics, to sign a petition to save small-circulation intellectual journals from death by new postal rates cynically engineered between Big Media and the PO. Journals from Mother Jones and The Nation on the left, to liberal American Prospect, to National Review and American Conservative on the right are all united (!) against this threat to diversity of opinion.

A quote, from The Lady With Big Black Dogs:

“By default, the idea that it is possible to cover every contingency and nuance of daily living with written legislation is absurd on the face of it and draconian at the bottom line.”

Another pic, from Annie D, which she sent with the following caption: “Carolyn could never figure out why she didn’t quite fit in amongst the Goth crowd.”

More to come– though it will probably take three tries to send this one…


PS: one hangup…

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