Monday Links

A movie I must see: a so- called “Mongol Western” about Chengiz. See also here; director Sergei Bodrov has also made a Kazakh epic.

Beelzebufo: “prehistoric frog from Hell”. (Do not confuse horned frogs with horned lizards!)

The best way to handle invasive species. I want his forthcoming book– his last was very good.

Peculiar has an interesting take on mining and”NIMBY”. If there is no molybdenum mining, where will the yuppies who hate it get their skis and trail bikes?

I need to check with reader Mike Spies to get a lost link on proposed new dog legislation in Connecticut. Basically, their SPCA is pushing for mandatory spay- neuter, while importing dogs from out- of- state and selling them for $300. You can’t make it up!

UPDATE: Margory just provided a link to the story cited by Mike.

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