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  1. Steve,

    Hey there. We’ve never met, but know many of the same individuals. I’ve been a falconer for over 15 years and am close friends with Mark Fanning and Helen MacDonald (I know you’ve had contact with both of them).

    I’ve been wanting to track you down and ask a question or two of you, which I’ll do in just a moment, but let me first say that I have all of your books (with the exception of the shotgun one) and love all of them, particularly Querencia and Aloft (I kept and flew various pigeons for many years here in New England).

    I also REALLY loved your essay titled “Meat” in the “Edge of the Wild” book. I pursue and eat everything… much like you and Fanning.

    Getting to the point; I have 7 months off from work every year (October to May) and normally travel outside of the U.S., but have decided to stay here in the states this coming winter. I’m researching New Mexico (having never been) and Arizona, and hoping to find a cheap place to rent/stay for the winter with a hawk or two and a pointing dog.

    My priorities are; no snow, healthy small game populations, affordable housing that will allow a falconry bird and dog.

    I have a year old redtail that ran up en enormous (for New England) head score last year that will be traveling with me, and I will probably train up a Coops or Merlin for small bird hawking as well.

    I’ve been looking into areas like Silver City, Madrid,and Las Cruces.
    Someone has suggested Superior, AZ. as well.

    Have you any advice?

    Please feel free to email me at scottmcneff@yahoo.com.

    Thank you in advance for any advice that you may have.


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