I seem to be doing this too much; that is, apologizing for lack of content. I think this (often) is an uneasily split- personality blog. Sometimes I am a link aggregator, sometimes a photo blogger; and sometimes I expose my own personality a bit.

Trouble is, when I most “need” to do that is when I least like to– when I am down.

I know good things are happening– the baby falcon for instance. And the constants– Libby, dogs New Mexico, garden– are fine as ever. But depression knows no easy rules and it is sitting on my head like Phillip Larkin’s toad (well, OK, that was “work”, which is related…)

Work is stuck. I have a partly- completed book out from my agent– she says because of publisher- editor vacations not to expect a reply until “at least” August.

The lawsuit over last book is still up in the air (and I have to trust to an out- of- state unpaid volunteer lawyer if it comes to a head.)

No magazine work on tap.

Several checks due.

Agent doesn’t want to see fiction (may not want me working on it–?– unclear.)

Add to this screaming arthritic everything, aggravated endless sinus infection, and general sleeplessness. Our good doc left for Austin 9 months ago, and we have so far had two tries at new ones that say either “live with it’ or (literally) “I don’t know, what do YOU think?” Add near house arrest because the 20 year old truck is not only expensive to run but getting so balky that we don’t dare drive it to Albuquerque (we borrow) and it gets a bit old.

So I wait, and once in a while complain. At least I am old enough to realize that this, like everything else, will pass.

I promise no more about this until at least fall. And will follow up with good links and a promise for some good book reports if I get a bit of energy…

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  1. Hey, don’t whine about no magazine work.. Contact Jackie: editorial(at)performancesighthoundjournal(dot com). You won’t even have to work hard.. she’s already gotten previously published (newspaper column) stuff from Dutch. No reason you couldn’t do it too. Get a sub right away and you’ll get my Pack Hunt article.. LOL.


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