Sunday afternoon I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from the living room, and found this broad-tailed hummingbird had flown in through one of the french doors. He was totally disoriented and trying to fly through closed windows. I opened doors and windows and tried to shoo him out.

He flew up to the top of a door where he rested for a while and then went up to a second-story window and tried to fly through it. Connie climbed a ladder up there, caught him in a towel, and released him on the deck.

He revived himself at our feeder and went back to fighting with the other hummingbirds for feeder access.

2 thoughts on “Trapped!”

  1. What a beautiful bird. We had one fly into an open window at our cabin and it was very difficult to help him find the way outside. But, he did, and lived to tell the tale.


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