Wet season delights

It’s rained here almost every afternoon for a month, making big changes to our range, which has suffered from 10 years of drought. Jim and I had to look these birds up in the bird book because we’ve never seen them in the hay meadow before. They are Wilson’s phalaropes. It has a peculiar way of walking in circles, and swimming in circles. The vortex caused by the spinning apparently delivers food to the surface.

The wet weather has led to an amazing eruption of mushrooms. It’s crazy to walk through the sagebrush and see all the mushroom tops breaking ground. Jim’s making all kinds of mushroom sidedishes for dinner, and stops every morning and picks a few fresh ones for the lunchbox. I have no idea how many varieties are out there, but there are only two types he knows are safe to harvest and eat.

And the pronghorn antelope babes are growing nicely.

2 thoughts on “Wet season delights”

  1. Puffballs! Thanks to Steve and Libby, I have a bit more familiarity with another couple of edibles, but puffballs are pretty nice. Glad you guys are finally getting a wet year. Down in NM things are pretty unusually wet for June, too.


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